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Distilleries & Breweries

Large brewers and distillers often need to be innovative when looking to increase productivity and reduce cost whilst maintaining their standards and there is a huge amount of innovation in the vast array of smaller brewers and distillers joining the market to meet the consumers desire for more niche, artisan alcoholic beers and spirits.

Here are some examples of qualifying R&D activity:

  • Increasing alcohol content in drinks
  • Developing new processes or improving existing ones when it comes to distillation,fermentation, bottling and packaging
  • Developing a new filtration method
  • Removing preservatives and additives or developing new preservative chemicals
  • Experimenting with new raw materials
  • Extending shelf life for your products
  • Scaling up productivity or speeding up processes
  • Creating unique flavours and aromas for beverages
  • Developing new water recycling and waste management processes

JJMK would welcome the opportunity to discuss your business and can help you assess the potential benefits which might be available to you under the R&D Tax Credit regime.

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