"By working with James, Michael and Karina, our business received over £200,000, which allowed us to grow our team and develop new technologies to identify Covid, while on public transport".
Managing Director, Meditech organisation based in London
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Research & Development Tax Credits

Working with UK Limited companies, we assist with the identification of eligible innovation projects & associated costs

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Funding Solutions

Are you looking for ways to fund your future growth projects? Contact us to learn how we can support you.

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Consultancy Services

JJMK offers Consultancy Services. Our initial analysis can help your business identify the key priorities, to achieve your personal & company goals.

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Are you receiving funding for your innovation? 

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Industries we work with
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Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas Industry relies heavily on research & development.  Qualifying activity can involve improvements in extraction, refining, packaging and transportation.

Average company gets;


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photo of man swinging golf driver

Businesses within the UK's professional sports sector often conduct valuable R&D to identify new and improved ways of developing sports equipment, sports applications, software and even development and testing of unique nutritional plans

Average company gets;


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Agricultural techniques have been handed down through the ages but the sector is now benefiting from advances through technology.  Qualifying activity can include process improvements, production improvement, scalability and quality control

Average company gets;


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gray vehicle being fixed inside factory using robot machines

Manufacturers benefit fro mthe highest average R&D claim value.  R&D activity stretches from product development, production line speed and resource improvement to quality control and compliance.  Each incremental challenge and solution can also qualify as R&D

Average company gets;


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black computer keyboard

There is often a strong case for R&D credit for software development.  Innovation can be demonstrated by using the technology to address different challenges with different clients.  Qualifying activity can also be bespoke methodology or unique architecture solutions

Average company gets;


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As an industry, engineering remains full of innovation in the UK.  Engineering companies continually invest in research and development to solve technical problems and develop new products or techniques

Average company gets;


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Do you have an innovation project? 
Have you considered funding?

We help you identify work or projects that may be eligible for one of a number of UK based innovation funds.

Patent Box

The Patent Box scheme is for innovative companies to apply a lower rate of corporation tax to profit from patented inventions.

Creative Industry tax

The Creative Industry Tax helps support technological innovation and growth in the digital, creative and other high technology areas. From Television & Film Relief to Video Game Relief, our team can help you raise funds for your project. 

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Just some of the people we have helped

"Before using JJMK, our accountant was claiming without any narrative. Now we have peace of mind that we are maximising our benefit as well as being complaint with HMRC rules".

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Engineering London

"JJMK Consultants were extremely knowledgeable and responsive throughout both the preparation, successful submission and payment of our R&D Tax credit. We look forward to future projects". 

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FinTech Edinburgh

"Before engaging with James and the JJMK team, we had never heard of R&D Tax. Throughout the process we have been impressed with their knowledge and efficiency". 

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Farming Yorkshire