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Funding Options

Grant Finding Process
project eligibility

We help you identify work or projects that may be eligible for grants, providing feedback on your project proposal and roadmap.

Grant Finding

Once eligible projects have been identified our technical team will assist in selecting a competition that is likely to yield the best results.

Grant Writing

Your service will be determined by the identified requirements.  Your chances are maximised by us allocating time and resource to match your needs.

Innovation Grant Funding

Governments worldwide support various initiatives aimed at fostering innovation within the private sector, attracting companies, and promoting investment to ensure that countries' economies remain healthy and develop.

UK companies developing new, innovative technologies have access to millions of pounds of grant funding.

From Innovate UK to the Scottish Enterprise, UK companies can access grant funding for their research and development projects.  As part of our service we can help you find the relevant competitions and guide you through the process.

UK companies can receive an injection of non-dilutive funding for their projects.  Coupling grant funding with existing capital to further bolster their position


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Patent Box                           

The Patent Box scheme was introduced in 2013 and is a scheme for innovative companies to apply a lower rate of corporation tax to profit from patented inventions.  If successful a 10% corporation tax is applied, rather than the standard 19% tax rate.

Benefits under the Patent Box are available to patent owners and to those who hold exclusive licensing rights to exploit a patent commercially.

Licenses can be worldwide or they can be limited by area, territory or field, so long as the result is still effective market exclusivity.

It can take several years for a patent to be granted after a search, any resulting profits are eligible for Patent Box only after award.

Patent Box can also be used where patents have been developed under a partnership or a joint venture, provided the parties own the patent or hold an exclusive license.

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Creative Industry Tax Relief

Creative industry tax reliefs allow qualifying companies increase their amount of allowable expenditure thus reducing Corporation Tax liability.  If your company makes a loss, you may be able to surrender the loss and convert some or all of it into a payable tax credit.

Companies that can claim creative industry tax relief include companies that are directly involved in and hold responsibility for the development of;

High-end Television
Children's Television
Video Games
Theatrical Productions
Orchestral Concerts

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