Research & Development Tax Relief

In 2000, the UK Government opted to follow many countries by introducing a Tax Relief scheme for Research & Development activities. The Governments goal has been to drive innovation within the UK and offer a cash injection to support the growth and development of companies of all shapes and industries. 

Eligibility for tax relief, has been split into two schemes, one for Small and Medium Enterprises, the other for Large companies. For either scheme, a business must be structured as a Limited business and eligible for corporation tax.  

For an R&D submission, businesses then have to showcase how they have made a scientific advancement or overcome a technological uncertainty. That's where JJMK come in! Taking a deep dive into your innovation projects and producing a technical narrative to evidence the costs and work that was involved. Our process simplifies the journey for our clients, streamlining an otherwise laborious process. 


Staffing Costs

This includes all expenses associated to the R&D project. 

  • Salaries
  • Tax/NI
  • Bonuses 
  • Pension
  • Travel Expenses 

Software Licences

If you have paid for licences to assist your R&D project, then we can include the costs associated. 

We will need to understand to what level the software was used to determine the qualifying cost. 

Sub-Contractor Costs

Outsourced work that is part of your R&D project can be included within submissions. 

Usually it is only SME businesses that can include these costs.

Utility Costs 

Utilities costs can be included while undertaking elements of your R&D project. This includes; 

  • Heating 
  • Water
  • Light
  • Electricity CANT be included
Externally Provided Workers

Any Agency/Temporary workers costs can be included within your submission. 

Like staff the costs will be based on their involvement with the R&D project. 

Material Costs

Materials that are used within the R&D project can be included within submission. 

We will also look to discuss any trials that you may have undertaken. 


JJMK Claim Process

JJMK have tried to change the methodology for undertaking R&D Tax submissions, to have a low time impact on your business. 


We are often asked, "how long will it take to complete a R&D Tax Submission"? By choosing JJMK, we aim to have the entire process completed and funds in your account, within 40 days of our engagement starting. 


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