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Innovation - whose job is it? 

JJMK Consultants is a business built to help those who innovate. But what exactly is innovation? And what does it mean for you and your business? 

Innovation isn't purely about inventing something new. Innovation could be about changing the way you do things, making systems, smarter and processes more proficient. In business you can be innovative with your products, your services and your ways of working. 

The SME's role is forever evolving. The most successful companies are forward thinking. By creating a culture where every employee is encouraged and empowered to innovate, leveraging their brain power and talent - businesses can improve customer offerings, achieve better margins and ensure their success in a highly competitive market. 

If you want to build a more effective innovation culture in your business, here are a few ways to start; 

  • Identify and immediately implement innovation: 
         Get your team together to identify possible ideas that will reduce costs, save time, or improve service to customers. Pick one or two of theses suggestions and make them happen quickly to demonstrate innovation success.  

  • Once your team has confidence with incremental innovation, work together to identify some more ambitious: 
         This will force people to think outside the box: Is there a way ti reduce costs by 50% or more? Can you be more eco-friendly in a sustainable world? Is it possible to adapt a process or introduce technology to save time? 
  • Finally, to make innovation stick create an atmosphere that encourages people to develop and experiment with new ideas: 
         Include "innovation" as a category in performance reviews. Recognise colleagues who try new approaches even if they are not perfect. And give people time (perhaps even a budget) to think and experiment. 

The most successful business don't depend on a select number of good people - they recognise that every employee can innovate! If you can tap into that mindset, your business has a much better chance of success, whether it be through incremental innovation or through your next big breakthrough! 


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